7THINGS - my basic hotel

The conception of the “7THINGS – my basic hotel” project is based upon a well-known, frequently-used German expression: “I’m packing my seven things”. In essence, this saying refers to the fact that one should only pack the most vital things when traveling.

And so we asked ourselves: what makes a good hotel? What ensures an all-around successful stay? What can one do without and what is absolutely necessary? We ultimately agreed on the seven most crucial amenities, which would give our guests the sense of being perfectly cared for at the 7THINGS.


1. Comfort
Feel at ease

The 7THINGS instills a sense of comfort and ease. A clean, light, modern design, with aesthetically pleasing materials. This aura of well-being is best symbolized by our NEST.


2. Convenient access
All you need is your shoes ...

The 7THINGS is extremely well situated in terms of access. Set out on foot, avail yourself of ÖPNV public transportation, hop on a bike, opt for your car or take a train – simplicity is key. Symbolized by SHOES.



3. Forging contacts
Meeting interesting people

The 7THINGS offers attractive meeting places for interesting encounters, and not just in its inviting lobby. The SPEECH BUBBLE stands for the 7THINGS as a place of communication.



4. Modern bathrooms
Start every day refreshed

We take pride in providing clean, modern bathrooms in each of our guest rooms. The 7THINGS allows you to start your day refreshed, and greet the evening with confidence. The HAIRDRYER stands for this guarantee.



5. Cozy beds
Restorative sleep


The most important thing at night is, of course, the right bed. The 7THINGS offers comfortable beds, in which you can look forward to getting a good night’s sleep and relaxation. This is symbolized by the PILLOW.



6. Fresh and delicious
Your start to the day, snacks, or evening treats

A growling stomach? Not at the 7THINGS – because we offer more than just breakfast. We always have a fresh, delicious range of snacks to choose from. Our symbol for this is our APPLE.



7. Free Wi-Fi - high-speed Internet
Always online and in the loop

Are you carrying your Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone? Do you like to communicate from wherever you happen to be? There is no need to curtail your modern media needs at the 7THINGS – we have installed free high-speed WLAN just for you. Symbolized by our SMARTPHONE.



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